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3 Ways To Understand Your Dog

If you are interested in teaching your dog, you are likely to be on the hunt for quick and easy dog training tips.

Your dogs are incredibly smart creatures, but it’s not like they understand your language, or can tell you why they’re misbehaving the way they are.

So, if you’re a new dog owner, or are a very experienced one, here we have three simple dog training tips that can make this process go by quicker and easier.

Tip #1 – Think like a dog to understand your dog

This first tip is very important, but not many owners want to think like a dog. What most want is for their dog to start thinking like them! But of all the dog training tips you’ll come across, this may be the most important.

If you can understand why your dog is behaving the way she is, or what is making her act up, then you can better address what issue you may be having.

For example, many owners hate to hear their dog bark, but it’s important to remember that dogs are primitive creatures, and barking is just part of their nature, especially when they perceive a threat or danger.

Some dog training tips will tell you to muzzle your dog or to rebuke it harshly, but it’s really better to address the reason at its root of why your dog is barking.

Reasons can steam from various situations and scenarios- some being: fear-based, self-reinforcing, habit, frustration, anxiety, and much more.

Dogs do whats naturally reinforcing to them and have no knowledge of what’s appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

It’s up to us as their owners to essentially teach them in the first place!

think about it can you be mad at your dog for something she did if you never took the time to teach your dog what you wanted in the first place?

that wouldn’t be fair, would it?

Now there are different solutions for issues that your dog may be displaying being that every dog is its own individual.

These can be anything from socializing your dog more so it’s not as skittish around strangers, or teaching your dog to stop jumping on the guest

The take away is to see this through your dog’s perspective to better handle the root of what your dog is doing.

Tip #2 – Reward good behavior.

Many dog trainers emphasize the proper way to punish a dog when it misbehaves, and this is appropriate at times, but dogs really crave that positive reinforcement from their owners.

In many cases, to better understand your dog it’s better to reward them when they do the right thing than to simply punish when they do something wrong.

Remember, it’s better to redirect a behavior than trying to flat out extinguish, a behavior your dog naturally desires

For instance, if you punish them for chewing up your shoes when they’re bored, this doesn’t tell them what they can play with when you’re not home.

Substituting a chew toy for your shoes reinforces that this is what they should play with, instead of your shoes.

The take away always give your dog an alternative outlet instead of trying to flat out stop a specific behavior.

Tip #3 – Remember their attention span.

Some dog training tips will tell you how to address a mistake your dog has made but many owners forget that dogs have absolutely no attention span.

You have to build their attention and focus gradually.

They also don’t understand that they shouldn’t have chewed up your slippers if they just did it five minutes ago.

Waving those slippers in their face means nothing, as they can’t make the connection between what they did in the past with what you’re trying to communicate right now.

Instead, catching your dog in the specific act, and redirecting is one of the best dog training tips you’ll ever get.

Keep these simple, but important, dog training tips in mind and you’ll have success taking the relationship between you and your dog to the next level!

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