What size prong collar for my dog
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What Size Prong Collar For My Dog

Considering using a training collar such as a prong collar? Great! You’re likely wondering what size prong collar for my dog, being that the prong collar comes in a variety of different sizes.

In This article, we go over what size prong collar to use for your particular pup!

The 3 main sizes of prong collars

What size prong collar for my dog

The prong collar comes in 3 main sizes small 2.25mm, medium 3.0mm, and large 4.0mm. 

So out of the 3 main sizes which would be the best for your pup? 

Let’s take a deeper look into each size so you can see which you and your pup would benefit from.

Small 2.25:  The 2.25mm is small enough that you can add or remove individual “links” to the collar. Ensuring you can size the collar to the exact fit of your pup’s neck.

The small 2.25 prong collar works great, even for bigger dogs up to 80lbs, and is the most sensitive!

Medium 3.0mm: The 3.0mm prong collar is larger than the small 2.25, but still small enough where you can size the collar to the exact form of your pup’s neck! 

This collar is great for bigger pups up to 200 lbs! Yes, you read that correctly! Aside from the size, the medium 3.0mm is less sensitive than the small 2.25mm prong collar.

Large 4.0mm: The 4.0mm is the largest of the 3 prong collars and ultimately is the hardest to fit on your dog’s neck because the “links” are too large to get an exact fit for your pup’s neck.

This collar is also the least sensitive collar, as well as the hardest to put on and off compared to the small and medium, which are easy to take on and off.

What Size Prong Collar for My Dog?

now that we have a basic understanding of the differences between each collar here’s which collar we recommend that you use for your specific pup!

For the majority of all dogs we recommend the small 2.25mm, we’ve worked with dogs up to 90lbs with this collar on and works like a charm.

For very pushy dogs and stronger breeds larger than 90 lbs, we recommend the 3.0 which is bigger but still small enough to get the exact fitting.

As for the large 4.0mm I never recommend it because I haven’t met a dog that is strong enough where the small 2.25mm or medium 3.0 wasn’t enough.


What size prong collar for my dog

Ultimately when deciding what size prong collar for my dog consider your dog’s size, how strong and pushy your pup is. Regardless of which collar you decide on be sure to have a clear understanding of how to use this training collar properly. To learn more read our guide here

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