when to start training a pitbull puppy
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When To Start Training a Pitbull Puppy The Right Way!

just brought home a young adorable pitbull puppy? Are you wondering when you should start training a pitbull puppy?


In this article, we go over when you should start training your young pitbull puppy!


When To Start Training A Pitbull Puppy The simple Answer:

You want to start training your pitbull puppy the moment that you bring your puppy home, teaching your puppy what is right from wrong.


Why Train your puppy young?

Aside from when to start training a pitbull puppy, you might be wondering why even train your puppy at such a young age in the first place? 


Well, for lots of reasons, when you get a puppy you have to understand that puppies have little to no knowledge of the world we live in, which means that it then becomes our job to train, raise, and show our puppy what is right from wrong.  


If we don’t take the time to teach our puppy how to behave in our world then we are ultimately setting our puppy up to fail without any guidance.


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When Is The Right Time To Begin Training My Pitbull Puppy?

when to start training a pitbull puppy

The right time to train your pitbull puppy is the very moment you bring your pup home. When you bring a puppy home you constantly playing the role of teacher because your puppy is constantly learning. 


If your puppy is always learning the question then becomes, what do you want your puppy to learn? Do want your puppy to learn that jumping up on you is ok? Or would you like your pup to sit instead of jumping upon you and your guest? 


Ultimately training your puppy at a young age comes down to teaching your puppy what to put all that puppy energy into!


5 Things You Should Teach Your New Puppy 

when to start training a pitbull puppy

When you get a new puppy you may be overwhelmed with what to teach and when to start training a pitbull puppy, we created the top 5 things you should teach your new puppy now


1) What to chew on

One of the first things to begin teaching your pup is what your puppy can and cannot chew on. Do you want your puppy to chew your furniture or would you prefer your puppy to chew his own bone? 


To learn how to stop your puppy from chewing everything read our complete guide here!


2) Where To go Potty

The second most important thing to teach your puppy is where your puppy can and cannot go potty. potty training your puppy is important because all animals have to use the bathroom. 


It’s our job to teach our puppies where is the appropriate location to go potty unless you want your puppy to figure out where to go potty on his own.


3) Teach Your Puppy His Name

If you have a new puppy one of the first things you may want to spend time on is teaching your puppy his/her name!


Your puppies name is his/her unique identifier so it pays to take the time to teach your puppy that when you say “fido” you are referring to your pup.


4) How To Greet Guest

Puppies are notorious for being rude greeters! Puppies love to jump up on guests.


One of the best things you can do is teach your puppy how to greet your guest so that your pup can greet your guest with manners instead of being overly excited, jumping, nipping, and even peeing due to over excitement.


5) Come When Called

Come when called is arguably the most important command you can teach a young puppy or dog.


Being able to reliably ask your puppy to come is going to not only put you at ease but increase the freedom you and your puppy have!



when to start training a pitbull puppy

If your still wondering when to start training a pitbull puppy then remember that puppy training should start as soon as you bring your new pup home!


If you and your pup need help beginning training contact us here or Give us a call! Receive your free dog training consultation and set your pup up for success!

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