Why Do Dog's Bark?
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Why Do Dog’s Bark?

Are you consistently listening to the tune of your dog’s barking? If you are, you’re probably also wondering why do dog’s bark? 


If you have a pup that tends to be on that yappy side, then this article is to help you understand the reason why do dog’s bark!


Why Do Dog’s Bark The Simple Answer:


Dogs bark for a variety of reasons such as; attention-seeking, alert barking, fear, aggression, play, frustration, and more. Barking is also a way for dogs to communicate with us humans, other dogs, and other animals. 


Why Do Dogs Bark? Broken Down


Why Do Dog's Bark?


So why do dog’s bark? Dogs Bark due to numerous reasons, below we will go into more detail of the four main reasons a dog may bark.




Dogs may bark due to fear from another dog, person, animal, or something in its environment. 


Dogs bark at what scares them to create more space from what’s making your dog uncomfortable and themselves. 


In many cases, if barking alone is not enough of a deterrent, your dog may escalate his behavior and lung to try to make what making him uncomfortable go away.


Attention Seeking


Dogs may also bark as a way to seek attention. 


This is commonly seen in many households especially if the dog learned that it can get a response from his owner. 


A dog that bark due to attention-seeking has learned that if he barks long enough he will get his owner to reward him in some fashion, whether it’s petting your dog or giving him a treat.




Dogs bark when they are frustrated. 


Most dogs experience frustration when they are being restrained from something they want. 


For instance, if your dog is at the one side of the fence and another dog is playing at the other end, your dog may bark due to frustration because it wants to play. 


What occurs is all the excitement is building up inside your dog which to your dog barking.




Your dog may bark when playing due to the excitement and the fun your pup is having. 


Another reason your dog may bark when playing is to get another dog’s attention if your pup is getting ignored.


How To Stop Barking?


Why Do Dog's Bark?


There are various ways to stop your dog from barking in all the ways the first step is to first understand the underlining reason your dog may be barking in the first place.


Once you understand the reason your dog is barking you can set up scenarios where you can begin teaching your dog what is an appropriate response.


If your dog is barking on leash read our blog on how to stop your dog from barking on the leash.


If your dog is consistently barking or whining at home feel free to read our blog on how to effectively stop your dog from barking and whining.




Dogs bark for a variety of different reasons the best solution to stop your dog from barking is first to understand why do dogs bark? Particularly your dogs reason because every dog is an individual.


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