why do dogs teeth chatter
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Why Do Dogs Teeth Chatter?

Have you noticed that your dog’s teeth may start to chatter uncontrollably? You’ve probably wondered why do dogs’ teeth chatter? Today we uncover the truth of why do dogs’ teeth chatter and what you can do about it!

Why Do Dogs Teeth Chatter? The Simple Answer:

Dogs’ teeth chatter simply because the dog is very aroused, excited or anxious for something in particular. The dog cant help contain all is excitement or anxiety so it manifests in the chattering of the teeth.

Dogs Teeth Chattering because of excitement

why do dogs teeth chatter

If you noticed that your pup starts to chatter his/her teeth uncontrollably your dog may just be overly excited for something. To uncover what’s causing this uncontrollable excitement in your dog we have to look at what initially triggers the teeth chattering in the first place!

why do dogs teeth chatter? Some dogs that have a high prey drive and love to chase begin to chatter there teeth the moment you pull out a toy or at the sight of something your dog views as prey such as cats.

Other times dogs who are very motivated by food may start chattering their teeth when you get ready to feed your pup.

The most important aspect of uncovering why do dogs teeth chatter in this instance is to pay attention to what initially changed and triggered your dog to go from calm to chattering his teeth.

Anxiety and Teeth Chattering In Dogs

why do dogs teeth chatter

Aside from dogs chattering their teeth when they’re excited the second reason dogs chatter their teeth is due to anxiety, anxious dogs tend to chatter their teeth uncontrollably. 

Anxiety and excitement go hand in hand a dog who lives in a constant state of excitement all the time can develop a form of anxiety.

To uncover what is causing your dog to chatter his teeth in this aspect we first have to uncover what is causing your pup to feel anxious in the first place.

Some triggers can be; the vet office, other dogs, guests arriving, kids, a specific sound, or a specific activity.

The most important part when finding out why do dogs teeth chatter anxiously is finding a pattern between the moment that your dog goes from a calm state of mind to anxiously chattering his teeth.

Internal Vs External Dogs

When it comes to dogs there are two kinds of category’s a dog can be put in, an internal dog or external dog.

What do these mean? and what the difference?

Internal Dogs

Let’s begin with internal dogs, internal dogs are dogs that are categorized based on their ability to contain there energy and excitement, you see this allot in the herding breeds such as border collies when they’re playing or herding. 

When border collie’s are herding or playing the dog is excited yet because genetics it does an incredible job a remaining perfectly still and composed regardless of its excitement!

External Dogs

External dogs such as German Shepherds when excited either playing or working has a harder time containing all that excitement the way the border collie does. 

Instead in external dogs, you’ll physically be able to see your dog’s excitement through his body which is why we call them external dogs!

So in short internal dogs are dogs that can control and contain their excitement while external dogs show their excitement with their bodies through teeth chattering, muscle twitching, barking and more.

With this said do you know what category your pup falls into?

Is your dog still like collie when excited or is your pup bouncing off the walls like a german shepherd?

Medical Concerns

why do dogs teeth chatter

Aside from your dog chattering his teeth due to behavioral reasons, your dog may chatter his teeth due to pain, to rule this out simply get your pup checked by a vet.

Should You Be Worried About Teeth Chattering?

Teeth Chattering Shouldn’t be a major concern especially if you have already figured out what category your pup falls in external or internal.

If your dog is chattering his teeth due to anxiety then there is a concern as you don’t want your pup to live in that constant stay of anxiety. 

How To Handle

The simplest way to begin handling your pup’s teeth chattering due to anxiety is through a formal rehabilitation process to counter condition what is making your pup anxious.

Ultimately we want to show your pup that what’s making him anxious isn’t so bad after all! 

Also, be aware that teeth chattering may have become an involuntary response for your pup depending on how long he has been rehearsing this behavior.

To read more on how our rehabilitation process works Read our behavior modifacation article


why do dogs teeth chatter

So why do dogs teeth chatter? Dogs chatter their teeth due to overexcitement or anxiety to understand its root we must uncover the triggers that are causing your dog to respond this way in the first place.

It’s also important for us to acknowledge and understand the kinds of dogs we have, an internal dog that controls and holds his excitement internally or an external dog that shows his excitement externally through his body as teeth chattering can simply be an involuntary response from your pup.

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