Behavior Modification In Dogs

behavior modification in dogs

there are numerous reasons and uses for behavior modification in dogs, behavior modification can help stop problem behaviors and turn them into appropriate ones! What Is Behavior Modification In Dogs? Behavior modification in dogs is the act or process of altering a behavior in a dog. How Does Behavior Modification In Dogs Occur? At Awoken […]

8 Dog Body Language Positions and What They Mean!

dog body language

Do you fully understand your pup? Many times we wish our dogs could talk to us but did you know that dogs try to communicate with us using their body language! Dogs mainly communicate with there body than with there voice. It’s up to us as there owners to be able to understand what our […]

Why Do Dogs Kick After They Poop? The Truth Uncovered

why do dogs kick after they poop?

So you’ve been wondering why do dogs kick after they poop? You might have noticed that every time you take your dog to do his business he kicks right after he poops, it’s not the best scenario but at least there could be worst behaviors your dog can do such as eating his poop! In […]

How To Stop a Puppy From Chewing Everything

how to stop a teething puppy from chewing everything

If you have a puppy that is teething you might be noticing that your pup just can’t get his teeth off of everything. Yes, this might be annoying but have no fear as we uncover and guide you on how to stop a teething puppy from chewing everything!  Why Do Puppies Chew? Before we tackle […]

My Dog Is Obsessed With Balls

My Dog Is Obsessed With Balls

Help! “My dog is obsessed with balls!” does that sound familiar? if you have a dog that is overly excited when he sees or encounters a ball you’re probably wondering why is your dog obsessed, is it normal? and what you can do about your ball obsessed pup!  How Can You Tell If “My Dog […]

Why Does My Dog Growl For No Reason?

Why does my dog growl for no reason

Whether you have a puppy or an older dog, there may be a slight chance that you have heard your dog growl, and might be thinking: “why does my dog growl for no reason?”. At first, seeing your dog or puppy growl might be scary because you don’t know why he’s displaying that behavior, and […]

The Reason Why Your Dog is Constantly Pulling On Leash!

Dog constantly pulling on leash

If you have a dog that’s constantly pulling on leash chances are you are not enjoying your walks very much, you get shoulder workout and you, your dog tries to or does control the walk. Dogs pulling on a leash are nothing new especially when your dog may be bigger stronger and overpower you! Here […]

Pitbulls and Dog Aggression

Pitbulls and dog aggression

If you have or considering getting a pitbull you might be wondering if the rumors of Pitbulls and dog aggression are true for the breed. Do you want to know If its how Pitbulls are raised or if pitbull are born a certain way?  In this article, we will start diving into Pitbulls, aggression, how […]

Playing Tug of War With Your Dog

Dog tug of war

Playing dog tug of war is a very fun and interactive game between you and your dog that strengthens your relationship! Does Playing Tug Make Your Dog Aggressive? In the old day playing tug with your dog was frowned upon because it was believed that playing tug with your dog would cause them to become […]

Why Does My Dog Lunge At Other Dogs?

Why Does My Dog Lunge At Other Dogs

If you’re asking yourself “why does my dog lunge at other dogs?” You’re probably tired of getting an arm workout and having to get your pup under control.   Don’t worry you’re not alone!   Many owners struggle with the same issue.   It can feel embarrassing to have your dog lunge and react on […]